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Executive and Senior Leadership Coaching

Executive and senior leadership can be exhilarating and immensely rewarding and yet at other times it can seem quite a lonely place. One to one coaching offers a highly bespoke, confidential and uniquely challenging approach to tending to your own continuous professional development. It enables you to invest in the time to review your own leadership skill set, to take stock of your current performance and to focus on nurturing your underused or undiscovered talents. 

Why choose executive coaching?

Do you feel it's time for something to change in the way you work? Do you believe that if only you could tweak or develop a certain aspect of your performance you could enhance your achievements? Are you convinced that you have more to offer but need to gain clarity about how to release your full potential? Do you want to close the gap between your current performance and your potential performance? Coaching offers a powerful approach to personal, professional development. Coaching puts YOU at the center of the process; you choose the focus and commit to bringing about the growth you wish to see. Coaching asks positive, powerful, far-reaching questions which challenge your current perspective enabling you to move beyond your own obstacles to achieve your goals. 

As your coach, I will actively listen, ask incisive questions and provide honest, respectful feedback designed to help you use your own resourcefulness to achieve your goals. By offering support, challenge and confidentiality, I hope to enable you to make the most of a precious opportunity to achieve your aspirations. 

"Executives and HR managers know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive personal change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term"

The Ivy Business Journal

How can executive coaching help you?

Working with a coach to increase and enhance personal leadership effectiveness is becoming widely recognised as a powerful learning and development approach. Wherever you or your team wish to bring about positive change and growth, coaching can bring about excellent outcomes.

Executive coaching themes may include:

  • Enhancing or developing leadership or strategic skills
  • Managing and leading change
  • Confidence or resilience building
  • Developing interpersonal relationship skills
  • Leading organisational re-development
  • Transition to a new role

How does executive coaching work?

  1. An initial free, no-obligation telephone or face to face meeting to establish your unique needs and to help you decide whether coaching is for you. 
  2. Session 1 typically focuses on agreeing a contract which provides clarity on confidentiality, duration and frequency of sessions and coaching parameters. Time will also be spent exploring and identifying the goals and objectives you have for the process and what you would like to achieve. 
  3. Typically coaching includes around 4-6,  90 minutes sessions. They can be calendared every 2-6 weeks according to your needs. These are guidelines as the exact timings can depend on the individual's goals and diaries. 
  4. All coaching sessions will be conducted within a confidential environment. Coaching aims to support you with positive learning, action and change. 
  5. A range of positive, transformational techniques based around incisive questioning, feedback and support will deeper awareness, new perspectives, clarity and increased effectiveness, confidence or resilience - depending on your personal goals. 
  6. Each session will include opportunities to "check in" on progress and/or review goals. 

Helping you to achieve your goals and improve your performance whilst deriving a sense of satisfaction, purpose and worth from your working life.