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One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring

Why invest in coaching and mentoring?

It is in the application of new learning that we consolidate understanding and mastery. The penny drops and the learning clicks when we are trying out new approaches; we get stuck, we seek clarification from our mentor, we try again and so we embed new learning. This is how we work with our students, but many traditional staff training courses are delivered out of situ and via handouts. New ideas are presented, and staff are left to grapple with the implementation phase alone. When first attempts don’t work, it is tempting to fall back into tried and tested patterns of work. Expensive CPD then falls flat at the first hurdle, nothing changes and value for money has not been achieved.

Micorah Coaching enables you to maximise your return on investment by offering highly effective, one to one coaching and mentoring following on from twilight courses. Coaching allows for misconceptions to be ironed out, first attempts to be tweaked and retried and reluctant or jaded thinking to be challenged. By providing a safe space with a trusted yet external coach, you can facilitate very challenging personal development which tackles stuck thinking, unpicks mental barriers and supports individuals to stay on track when trying to reshape or develop their working practices. 

How it works ​

Drawing on the training sessions, the member of staff and coach identify a key focus which is blocking their progress. Examples could include issues such as

- Communication skills

- Dealing with more experienced team members, challenging and developing their performance.

- Time management and prioritising.

- Honest review, identification of strategies which will have maximum impact on learning, implementation and evaluation.

- Setting high expectations and holding others to account.

• Using an agreed combination of challenging questioning, personal action planning, implementation and joint review, observation, mentoring and guided reflection the coach will challenge and support the member of staff to implement the desired growth and development, holding them to account for maintaining momentum and embedding new approaches.

• The number, frequency and scope of contact sessions will be agreed at an initial, free contracting meeting with the school. I work to the ethical codes and guidelines of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

• Meeting times can be in twilights, training days or non-contact sessions to be arranged to suit the process.

• A typical session might spread over 4-5 2-hour sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

• Follow-up coaching for staff who have participated in one of the above training courses = £20 per hour

• Coaching for staff who have not participated in one of the above training courses = £25 per hour

• Coaching for Senior or Aspiring Senior Leaders = £30 per hour. 


Helping you to achieve your goals and improve your performance whilst deriving a sense of satisfaction, purpose and worth from your working life.