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Preparing for Leadership

Target Audience

Teachers 2-5 years into career seeking challenge and opportunity to contribute to wider school development. 

Teachers considering next steps in their career.

Teachers preparing to go through threshold. 

Benefits of programme

This programme is ideal for harnessing and retaining potential. Staff preparing for threshold are able to actively fulfil elements of the Teachers' Standards through completion of rigorous project management tasks which contribute to developing teaching and learning beyond their classroom. Continual bespoke support focused on your specific context ensures staff explore the realities of leadership and make the necessary transition from excellent classroom teacher to effective leader of teaching and learning. 

New To Leadership

Target Audience

Teachers actively seeking leadership roles

Newly appointed Heads of Department or Responsibility Holders

Middle leaders in the early stages of their post

Benefits of Programme

Highly practical in nature, this programme gets to the point by supporting new leaders in the transition from theoretical training to the daily reality of leading learning. Trained in the craft of effective teaching, quickly acquiring the skills of an effective leader in a fast-paced school environment can be daunting and bewildering. Covering how to accurately assess learning, plan, implement and evaluate for strong improvement, work out what needs doing now and what can wait, manage and lead the team and their professional development whilst protecting  their own well-being, this course enables you to continue to offer high-quality, bespoke and personalised CPD for your leaders. 

Leadership Booster

Target Audience

Middle leaders, leaders with whole school responsibilities, pastoral leaders, leaders of associate teams who wish to access further professional development in order to refine, improve or re-boot their effectiveness within their leadership role. 

Benefits of the Programme​

Leaders can sometimes fall into a rut; they work very hard, want to do so well and yet, somehow, the desired outcomes just don't  transpire. Against a whirlwind of constant change, an established leader can get bogged down and overwhelmed. This programme will help staff to step back, re-evaluate their work, their skills and their objectives and get them back on the right track. Robust strategies to accurately evaluate performance and learning and identify what really needs to be done are followed up with clear guidance on how to ensure action and development plans convert into results. Providing a safe space to review their leadership and embrace smarter working practices, this course enables schools to invest in hard-working colleagues who will thrive with re-direction and support. 

Excellent value, excellent quality.

I have extensive experience of senior leadership in schools and so I understand and appreciate the challenges of providing relevant CPD which delivers excellent return on investment. All of the programmes above can be delivered over four-six 2 hour sessions spread to suit your needs. These can be delivered during the day or as twilight sessions depending on location. Alternatively, sessions can be delivered over two days. Prices range from 250 per day to 450 for six 2 hour sessions all resources. For further details and brochures or to discuss booking arrangements or alternative packages please contact me via the website contact page or at [email protected] I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I might be able to support you and your staff in your school. 

“In a 6 hour session I managed to get more high-quality planning done than I’ve managed all year. The expertise and supportive environment allowed me to plan out huge parts of the year to really push the quality of learning.”

Helping you to achieve your goals and improve your performance whilst deriving a sense of satisfaction, purpose and worth from your working life.