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Twilight Professional Development for Senior, Middle and Aspiring Leaders. 

"Using Micorah has been a very wise decision. Deborah has delivered several programmes to our middle leaders that have not only been effective in developing the knowledge and skills that were necessary, but that we have also been able to shape to our bespoke needs. This is the most cost-effective training I have come across and I highly recommend it." John Connelly, Deputy Head Teacher, William Brookes School. 

Aspiring Middle Leaders Cours

* The Role of the Middle Leader

* What do you want to achieve as a Middle Leader?

* How to secure an accurate understanding of learning?

*Effective Development Planning, Implementation and Review.

* Creating a portfolio of leadership experience.

Diving Deep to Evaluate the Quality of Learning.

* Know what to look for - what does outstanding quality of education look like?

* Asking the right questions and triangulating your enquiry.

* Giving purposeful feedback.

* Strategic leadership - linking outcomes, CPD, PM and effective planning for growth.

* Reporting to line managers, Governors, Ofsted and other stakeholders. 

Refesher Middle Leadership Course

Successful Middle Leaders - what exactly do they focus on?

*  Where are you going, why and what will it look like when you get there?

* Securing an honest evaluation of current performance by diving in deep. 

*  Using Quality Assurance to shape ongoing staff development.

* Communicating effectively.

Raising Standards of Teaching and Learning in the Department

* Ensuring your curriculum intent supports positive teaching and learning. 

* Building a culture of Continuous Professional Development in your team.

* Leading your team in understanding how to transfer teaching techniques into effective learning plans for their students. 

* Managing the development of your team. 

* Applying emotional intelligence to the role of staff development. 

Harnessing the Power of the Pastoral Team to Improve Learning. 

* Understanding and clarifying the role of the head of house/year and the tutor team. 

* Understanding the school experience of different cohorts of students in order to support learning.

* Using whole school data and information to maximise learning. 

* Creating a house/year group ethos. 

* Reporting on student progress and impact of intervention plans. 

Costs and Information. 


All courses, mentoring and coaching is delivered in your school or in a school within your MAT. I would require a quiet, comfortable room large enough to hold the group, and digital projection.


Courses can be delivered during twilight sessions, CPD sessions or non-contact time during the day. This can be agreed according to need. Course sessions can be spread out on a weekly or two weekly basis to allow time to practise strategies in between. 

How many trainees?

To maintain the ethos of trust, team work and a safe place to be challenged and take risks, groups should be no more than ten in number.

Training Courses

5 sessions of I hour 30 each

• Price includes travel, preparation and course notes

• £500

• Price includes any necessary contracting with SLT, travel and preparation.

Helping you to achieve your goals and improve your performance whilst deriving a sense of satisfaction, purpose and worth from your working life.