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Personalised Coaching for Teachers

Have you ever wished that CPD was more holistic - you know, more about you, the teacher? There are lots of training events designed to develop your teaching craft, maximise outcomes or stay abreast of constant change. However, it is often not these issues that keep teachers awake at night. 

One to one coaching offers a completely different approach to professional development; one which focuses on supporting the human aspect of being a successful, fulfilled and effective teacher who enjoys pursuing their vocation. One which meets YOUR needs.

If you would like to discover how coaching can help you to maximise your performance, your job satisfaction and your well-being then please get in touch.

How can Micorah Coaching help you?

We all get to points in our working lives where things are not quite as we would wish. It is easy to feel stuck, demotivated or confused. Sometimes working with an external coach can provide the right support and help; a catalyst which enables you to discover the answers within yourself so you can get back on the right track.  Coaching offers a more personalised approach to professional development on a range of issues such as

  • Workload management, well-being, time management, prioritising and planning. 
  • Reacting positively to change.
  • Career progression - starting out, getting settled, moving up.
  • Major career decisions - moving school, promotion, retirement, redundancy. 
  • Interview preparation.
  • Taking control of your professional development - CPD, threshold, preparing for leadership, PM, making observation and feedback work for you.
  • Interpersonal relationships.
  • Dealing with the emotional workload of teaching.

If you are longing to talk to someone who will

  • listen without judging
  • understand and support
  • help you to reflect, review and clarify your thinking
  • empower you to take control of your working life and its challenges

then please get in touch for a free, no-obligation discussion to discover how coaching can help and to learn more about special offers for teachers. 

Where possible, coaching sessions will be face to face. However, sessions can also be conducted through Skype.

What are others saying?

"It is very fair to say that I was stuck in a rut when it came to my teaching. Teaching for doing, or simply for coverage was the level I was at and had become comfortable with doing. The coaching has totally refocused me back to Teaching for Learning and has put that at the core of all of the long/medium/short term planning. I feel now much more able to long term plan with that in mind thanks to Deborah’s dual expertise in curriculum planning and teaching for learning."

"The coaching was able to revitalize my creative spark that had been slowly eroded over a number of years."

Helping you to achieve your goals and improve your performance whilst deriving a sense of satisfaction, purpose and worth from your working life. ​